Inner Language Sessions

'Deep Exuberance'

Your life compass

“Come Home to Yourself”

Deep Inner Knowing & Soul Freeing Self-Expression.


Powerful choices

Unshakable clarity and confidence. A filter for streamlined decision making. All-powerful preferences begin and end here. Your truth compass for self-awareness.

Deep transformation

Naming and fully accepting your essential nature heals the soul. Your handpicked set of adjectives illuminates & connects you to your greatness. Highlights what works and simply drops what doesn’t.

Authentic living

Design your best life. Radical self-expression guides and inspires everything you do. You become self-empowered to shine in all you are and embrace your greatest potential.

What is my inner language?

Discover your unique superpower! It’s your essential nature in its utmost simplicity, its purest form. Your soul’s name and your life compass, all wrapped up in one.

“I really am just 100% connected to who I am now. My words make me feel at home with myself. This will definitely change my life moving forward.”

inner languages

perfect for you

Are You Living your Most Authentic & Fulfilling Life?

Who are you, anyway? How do you know when you are on the right path? Why didn’t that (insert last big goal accomplished here) leave you with a lasting sense of liberation? What will illuminate the way forward? Your Inner Language

Do you really need (insert the best new thing that will make you OH SO happy here)? How do you know for sure what will leave you with a long-term joy and satisfaction? Your Inner Language

We are in a constant state of flux. Even ideas about our true selves are not fixed, we are in a perpetual flow of change and growth. That is how it should be, yet ever-changing perceptions and multi-faceted external pressures can throw us off course. If we are not careful, we can feel imbalanced, overwhelmed, or in constant pursuit of things that do not leave us with lasting joy or satisfaction. With so many options how do we choose wisely? How do we make soul choices that count and fill us with joy that does not fade?

Most importantly, how do we stay centered in a world of ‘disconnected connection’ that overwhelms us with every possible form of perfection, leaving us feeling lacking and less than? ‘Life envy’ creeps in, negative self-talk is on a constant loop… how do we interrupt the signal and get back to feeling authentic joy, powerful in our own shoes, and proud of who we are, imperfections and all? For real! What’s the secret?

Powerful Self-Expression is right around the corner.

This is all about you!

Inner Language Session

A 1:1 session (skype or comfy location of your choosing) focusing in on self-exploration and personal inquiry. We will explore some defining questions and collect some keywords, feelings, concepts and style choices that exemplify your multi-layered personality. What defines you? What do you hold most sacred? We will get down to your essence, your truth, the ‘sunny’ and the ‘shadow’ sides that make you uniquely who you are.

You come out with a one of a kind essential mantra; a life-enhancing declaration that fully encompasses you and everything you are! You gain a powerful lifelong tool that reflects your inner being and elevates your every day.

  • Dialed in Clarity.
  • Powerful self-awareness.
  • Authentic expression in all you do.
  • Confidence in designing your best life.
  • Deep Inner Knowing.
  • Your unique ‘Why’.
  • Radical Self-acceptance & inner healing.
  • An inspirational and energizing way to communicate who you are.


  • One on one in person inquiry session
  • Practical coaching and ideas on how to use your Inner Language to enhance and uplift every aspect of your life
  • Lifetime access to YOUR UNIQUE INNER LANGUAGE
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(you only need 1 – your inner language is YOURS FOR LIFE!)

Hi, I’m Kari, ‘Authentic Sensual’

I am a LIFE + STYLE Consultant. For 15+ years, I have been guiding my clients in a variety of ways, to dig deep, listen to their inner voice, and live beautiful, more empowered lives filled with true joy!

We all have our own unique brand of success, and it has to feel good on EVERY level! As a gentle ‘clutter clearing fairy’, I LOVE being witness to people stepping into their true place of power in order to be the best, most aligned and confident version of themselves.

Let’s turn your everyday into something beautiful and soul-satisfying together!


“Life should feel fabulous on the inside as well as the outside. One without the other just won’t do!”

clients’ words
It’s all about the experience
“My Inner Language is my ‘why’. It’s the thread that connects all of my decisions, it has eliminated all the questioning and soul-searching I had been doing for years .” Elemental Sacred

Kirby Criddle, Illuminara Wellness

“Kari very quickly honed in on what was my inner essence. Her intuitive and logical sides are finely balanced which makes her sessions very accurate. I highly recommend Kari if you are looking to tap into your own powerful guidance system.” Essential Spirit

Marlene Yuzak, Artist

“This is awesome! I was able to really lean in and feel better about parts of myself I had rejected or tried to hide. I embraced my truth; this is who I am and what makes me great.” Organic Instigator

Amanda Proznik, Balancing Elements

“It changed me energetically and took me to a whole new level of who I am and how I connect with myself. I have a deep knowing, I don’t need to worry or question things anymore.” Idealistic Energy

Lori Archer, RN

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