You CAN have it all & why you DON’T want to “Get Real”

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The impossible dream: Time, freedom, and money! The perfect house, loving partner (who rocks your world in the bedroom!) a career that fills you with joy every day….

We want it all. How do we get there? The perfect body (I personally know a beautiful woman going under the knife for one little tiny flaw that drives her crazy) starlit status, bigger house, designer chairs, your own personal jet to travel the world (don’t you know everyone who is anyone has one!) The newest, best, biggest, smallest, shiny device! The I phone 75… who the heck knows!

Does it really make us happy? Or are we destined to live in a perpetual state of striving for ‘stuff’ and inevitable disappointment?

We want what we want right? Who doesn’t? Why shouldn’t our lives be filled with beautiful things, experiences and people that fill our lives with joy? We have one life; we’re in it right… this…moment. We are on! We are live! So can we have it all? With anything and everything at our fingertips what holds us back from living the life of our dreams?

That has been my number one question for the last 40 years. In an attempt to live the life of my dreams while trying to balance out what I “should do” I have crashed and burned 1000 times. I had to declare bankruptcy (for someone else’s dream that I thought would bring me unconditional love) lost not one but two business’s I built from the ground up, been heartbroken, called names, told I was crazy… “you are too emotional” “You have to get real” It’s impossible” “Get a real job” “You have champagne taste on a beer budget” …yep that’s me!

I lost someone I deeply loved because I would not give up the dream – my dream – I could not ignore the voice deep inside my soul

I had to listen harder… get clearer… become more of everything they said I should not be!

Writing these words down for the first time makes my eyes tingle with tears and I feel a bit like i may be sick. I have had so many moments of wishing i could just “be normal”. Why could I not conform? Would doing it ‘their’ way finally make me happy?

Abraham Hicks says: “Most people never get to that place of POWERFUL DESIRE. They give up on the desire; they don’t allow themselves to care that much about something they can’t accomplish… the really, really, really good things.” 

Getting what we want is never the problem! Knowing and acknowledging what we TRULY want and WHY is the rub. Once we let ourselves want what we TRULY want that fear sets in – what if it does not work? What if I try and fail? So we go for what we think we can get. The outside attainment; the smaller dream…just in case we don’t make it.

It’s conquering our own fear that is hardest part. Admitting to yourself what you really desire; then having the courage to jump! ONLY THEN we can become fearless in pursuing the life of our dreams.

I have found that perfection does not exist BUT the pursuit of my unique version of perfection is both beautiful and inspiring.

It feels like bliss! Every day is filled with things, people and experiences that light me up!

Sometimes shit happens I need a to regroup…. STOP. BREATHE. Check in with the “why” again… Maybe do some yoga. Coming back into alignment is easy when I know what I want and why I want it; on the inside, from the inside.

Do i have EVERYTHING I want in life right this second – no.

Do I have A LOT of it, have a clear vision and a plan to get the rest – sure do!

I truly believe, if we all went after our TRUE joy(s) in life the world would greatly benefit from the fearless brilliance of who we really are!

That’s why I don’t ever want you want to “get real” I would much rather know who you really are!

Seven first steps to a blissful fearless life:

  1. Know what you are… Seriously! Bump up against yourself; the good and the bad. Then celebrate the hell out of it!
  2. Take full responsibility for your life – All of it. You are the deciding factor of where you are; always.
  3. Let go of “should” – it sucks and it’s not what you want.
  4. Realize “get real” is someone else’s idea not yours. Your life, your way, your rules!
  5. Know exactly what you want and WHY. Then ask yourself again… WHY? Once you have the why, anything is possible and nothing can stop you.
  6. Decide you are worthy of your dream life; because you are! (sounds easy right??)
  7. Prioritize what is really important. Work tirelessly towards your hearts desires. Fuck balance; be bold!

**Be fearless in your **powerful desires****… The world so desperately needs YOU – not a better cell phone!