Amanda P

Posted By on Jun 22, 2017 |

“Kari blended our collective ideas with her expertise”

“I found myself in a vulnerable situation when I lost access to my downtown clinic due to an associate business going under. I had very little time and energy to formulate a plan that could get me back on my feet swiftly and prevent profit loss. Change is not my strong suit, and I needed someone who could meet me half way and ease the process. And in walked Kari. Kari took charge of the project while reminding me that this wasn’t a task too large, and that I could complete it in my specified time frame. In 8 hours she helped a very unsteady and confused person create a plan for a beautiful and functional private home clinic. Kari blended our collective ideas with her expertise and projected an artistic vision for the space. She helped me move furniture, pick out paint colors, shop for items, and kept me focused on the task at hand. She helped lighten a very heavy moment in my life by comforting me, keeping me reassured, and by being her beautiful self. Kari helped me feel empowered, motivated and excited for this new phase is my life, something I was not expecting to feel so soon. The space is more beautiful and functional than my previous clinic, and I owe it all to Kari. She’s a breath of fresh air, and an outstanding interior designer.”
Doctor of Natural Medicine