Secret Passions & Observations of the “Selfie”

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Remember the last time you rushed to the mailbox? Elated; that letter had finally come! Opening the envelope… the texture of the paper… handwriting you immediately recognize… What, This does not happen?!? Chances are, all that arrives now is bills – we may or may not even open them – just add them to the “to do” list or stack at the door.

Secret Confession #1: I have a passion for paper, and have come to accept it as part of my sensual nature. I enjoy everything about it… the unique quality & feel… sometimes it even smells good!! mmm…  pure paper pleasure! In my world, the blank page holds endless possibility!

Which leads to my next Passion: Handwriting! Fascinating and beautiful! Like the fingerprint of the writer.

Secret Confession #2: I wish I had studied handwriting analysis… to know that much about a person just by seeing their writing would be amazing! I cherish anything I have that was handwritten by my late grandmothers (both of them my personal hero’s!) I have piece’s from Grammie’s cookbook, begun by her mother in 1942, framed and hung in a place of honor on my kitchen wall. Every time I look up at it I feel close to her.

ok… ok, this is all very lovely but your busy and whats my point?!?

Social media is now the modern day “letter”

Our social accounts used to be about connecting – reaching out to our friends and family with a “hey” or “how cool is this”!. Text messages have long ago replaced the art of writing a letter, licking a stamp, and mailing a letter (just try and find a mail box these days!!)

However lately the new trend in social media has gone one step further… now we are not doing a lot of connecting… it’s become about comparing. Advertising within social media is at an all time high – it’s the “new way to sell”.

And so, I ask in classic *Sex in the City* Carrie Bradshaw style:

Has Facebook become our new way to “keep up with the Jones’s”?

Is there any authenticity in what people “share” or is it just a glossy, best smile, “look at how great I am doing” & “buy my new best thing”? version of who we are? Do we hide our truth behind our screens? …And don’t even get me started about the selfie’s! I think I may be the only girl in the world that does not get it!

My daughter – wise old soul that she is -made a brilliant yet frightening observation about selfie’s the other day: We used to take pictures of people around us. They were mostly candid or of loved ones reacting within their environment.

Photos had content and context. Some of them turned our really awful because we lacked a “delete” button, but we loved them and kept them because they were a little snapshot of life – for real! Have we lost our context? Where is our blurry imperfect truth? I know I have spent MANY hours pouring over old photos (even the blurry ones) and they make me laugh, or bring tears to my eyes. I think some of the worst were shot right after my girls were born, hospital gown, a little blood and all. I look horrible but over the moon happy! I would not throw one of them out – not one!

Brilliantly said by the lovey and amazing Miss Erykah Badu, I truly am

“An analog girl in a digital world”

I love my phone, I love the ease… but every once in a while I think I will write a “real” letter. I want my lover, friends, children and grandchildren to know what my handwriting looks like (even if some day it proves that I am indeed a crazy person) I want the people I love to receive beautiful things in the mail that bring them joy and make them feel loved and special – because they are!

Also, I pledge to start keeping more out of focus photos – not be so quick to hit delete. I will take imperfect photos of the people and places around me. – things that I find beautiful or inspiring or maybe just blurry and hilarious! I may even get really crazy and take the time to develop them 😉

Trust me, I am miles away from deleting my facebook account but I wouldn’t it be wonderful to see less “buy this” and more “I miss you, thank you, your awesome & lets get together”

Our “hooked up”, ultra connected lives have the power to bring us together in truth, joy & community or tear us further apart with perfected poses, fake smiles, sales techniques & comparisons. The choice is in our hands – literally.